Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mid-Week Bliss: Girl Crushes

Girl crushes...everyone's got them. Most people are scared to admit they have them. Not me! I am definitely proud of my girl crushes. Personally I think women don't celebrate each other enough. We're all so quick to bitch about another's flaws; cellultite, not so flattering outfits, OTT make-up...but really, who cares?! 
It's time we started  recognising those women which inspire us, the ones we secretly admire in all their creative, geeky, glory. So, here's my list of girl crushes. These lovely ladies, I particularly admire for their individuality and for being proud of what they are good at. Don't be afraid to let your girl crush geek flag fly, ladies.

Rachel Khoo.
This probably won't come as much of a surprise to you but, I think Rachel Khoo is genuinely the bee-knees. Not only for sticking two fingers up to the fashion industry and saying "See ya, I'm gonna go eat cake for a living in Paris." (Not necessarily in those exact words) But, she has nailed the look of petite & curvy without going down the seductive route a la Nigella. Not that there's anything wrong with that but, a girl doesn't need to be sexy all the time. It's just too exhausting!
She's written 3 books in English, 2 in French, and produces all the illustrations for them too. Seriously,this woman is definitely a triple threat. Not only does she make me feel like it's OK, to pick at cheese whilst I'm cooking but, she also makes me feel like I'm not an alien because I still shop in the kids department for my clothes from time to time (i.e. that delicious yellow Petit Bateau coat she's always rocking). Thank you Rachel. We salute you!

Jessica Chastain.
This lovely red-headed lady is a true American Beauty and an acting inspiration too. From being bullied for her hair colour and intelligence during high-school she has grown into one of the most incredible actresses I have ever seen on screen. Not only can she tackle gritty roles like Maggie Beauford in Lawless, she can nail acting a southern belle like Celia Foote in The Help, and even mastermind the mission which captured Osama Bin Laden, as Maya in Zero Dark Thirty. 
If anyone can show those high-school bullies who's boss, it's this lady. She gives me hope that I will one day be able to show those who picked on me as a teenager, just how successful I can be, as well as being a great role model for others too.

Alys Fowler.
Last but not least is, the lovely, Alys Fowler. This lady has truly mastered the art of finding your niche and being proud of what you're good at. After completing her degree, she studied with the Royal Horticultural Society, and at Kew Gardens. She was awarded a scholarship with the New York Botanical Gardens, and moved to the states in 1998, before returning to the UK to take up her post as head gardener at Berryfields where, Gardeners World was hosted from. This lady is a true inspiration when it comes to letting your geek flag fly. She has made a career for herself out of something which is often seen as deeply 'uncool' with a younger generation, and has even broken the boundaries of traditional gardening by writing books and producing shows such as; The Thrifty Gardener and A Home Grown Life, which celebrate a more frugal way of both living and gardening. Something which we all know I am passionate about. Not only that but, she has such an amazing sense of style and is often seen pottering about in her garden in a vintage dress and wellies, with her adorable Jack Russel, Isobel following closely behind. She makes me feel like it's OK, to spend the day with dirt under my finger nails on my hands and knees in a vintage dress, sowing marigold seeds to keep the pests off of my peas. Alys, you are just too cool for words.

Come on then ladies, let me in on some of secret girl crushes, and tell me why you find them so inspiring. It's time we started celebrating each other's quirks!


  1. I've got so many, phoebe tonkin, milla jovovich, angelina jolie, ziyi zhang, taylor swift, emily vancamp, margot robbie, poppy montgomery and maggie q! Very inspirational woman to me =]

  2. Ooh I love Milla Jovovich and Ziyi Zhang. They're just fab! Thanks for sharing your girl crushes with me. :)

  3. I agree whole heartedly with these three lovely ladies! Celebrate the girl crushes proudly I say!

    1. Thanks Katie. We ladies should celebrate each other proudly. xx