Sunday, 19 April 2015

Get out in the Garden...

One thing is for certain, as soon as the weather starts to brighten up and the temperature begins to rise a thoughts are always turned towards the state of my little patio garden. It's definitely one of the perks of living in a ground floor flat, and I often feel greatful to have neighbours with whom I can have a natter with over the garden wall, and little pots of herbs by my back door to pick from when I'm cooking dinner in the evening.

So, this past week I made sure to set aside a little time on my day off to get our garden in order. I wanted to make sure everything was tidy and in order ahead of my visit to the RHS Show in Bute Park with my folks (but more about that later) so, any treats I bought could instantly be planted out to thrive in this sunny little spot of Cardiff.

With my new gardening gloves in hand, and a couple of handy little tools for clearing out between paving stones, I was ready to go. Nothing stood in my way. Dandelions and brambles were pulled from between the cracks of the patio, weeds and grass were tugged from around my little Jasmine in the corner of the garden, giving it more breathing space to grow and climb, and pots were cleared of old compost with crocks ready for drainage when the new arrivals came.

It felt like such a great sense of achievement, slowly filling up my bag of garden waste for the recycling men, knowing that all those pesky weeds would eventually become compost somewhere else.

After a good couple of hours slaving away in the sun, I enjoyed a cup of tea, sat on my doorstep surveying my handiwork. It looks like a completely different garden. So lovely and tidy. And even better, I had space and new potting compost ready to go should I find any treats at the flower show too. 
After my last swig of tea, I headed inside to sort through my seed packets and choose what I would like to grow on my window sill, ready to plant out when all threats of frost were well behind us.
I decided on sweet peas for their prettiness and scent, to climb up my little bamboo sticks in the corner of the garden, and to encourage bumble bees too. Marigolds for their colour too, and also because they deter beetles from lovely crops like beans and strawberries which I plan on growing later in the season. And a couple of pots of chives and parsley to live on my kitchen windowsill, and be used in a whole load of summery dishes.

After a sweep up and a scrub of my finger nails, I brought my little pots inside to sit in the sunny warmth of the kitchen window, and grabbed a cheeky little nap on the sofa feeling quite pleased with myself.

I'd love to hear what you lovely readers have been getting up to in your gardens? Got any tips for me and my little patio?
I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I cant wait to get my hands on my garden, over the winter it has gotten messy so Ill be seeing to it tomorrow =]

    1. Mine is exactly the same. It just goes wild! Around the corner from our kitchen there is a little section that is nearly always in the shade and has been ruined when our landlord had roofers in so, we're just going to gut it before we move out. I don't go round that side much. It saddens me so...
      Hannah. x