Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday Bliss: Looking forward to...

This week has been a strange one. Not really filled with anything exciting. Just hum-drum day to day stuff...a comforting meal in the oven, a cuddle on the sofa watching Broadchurch, tackling a mountain of laundry. But nevertheless, my attempt to slow down last week has finally started to pay off.
On Sunday, myself and the Mr enjoyed a lovely chilled out day which began with a scrumptious breakfast of French Toast and coffee, followed by a trip Aldi for our fortnightly shop (well, there is only two of us) listening to Stephen & Emma on the Radio. We then vegged on the sofa watching Netflix before strolling into town to catch an afternoon showing of "Selma", where we munched handfuls of sweet popcorn. And finally, we returned home to prepare lunches for the working week ahead before crawling into bed for an early night.

So, this week I am still very much in a cosy and leisurely mood. Here's a few things that will help lift me over that horrible hump in the middle of the week, and bring me safely towards to comfort of the weekend.

No plans. Yes, that's right. Having nothing planned. Absolutely nada. Zip! My day off during the week usually falls on a Thursday and this week I am pleased to say, I have literally nothing planned. No doctors appointments, no errands to run, no important phonecalls to make. I cannot wait! I'll probably fill the day with lots of other nice things but for now, I'm feeling quite content in the knowledge that I'll just see how the day pans out.

Spring! I can feel it. It's just around the corner. Shrove Tuesday has been and gone, much to the delight of my waistline. Bunches of daffodils are finally starting to appear at my local greengrocer. And the days are slowly starting to get longer. No more walking home from work in the dark. Yippee! I'm craving those days where I can sleep with the window open, and snuggle down in my duvet against the early morning chill. Or an evening where I venture out for milk in just a chunky cardigan wrapped tightly around me. Come on Spring. Hurry uppppp!

Birthdays. I turn 26 in exactly 6 days!! I've always been a big kid when it comes to Birthdays but this year feels a little different. I've been rather grown up and asked for 'tasks' rather than gifts. From my husband, a home cooked meal, so I don't have to lift a finger...and from my sister, a birthday cake made by her own fair hand (my sister makes the best cakes). We will be sharing a special birthday lunch at my parents house, and then travelling up to London a week or so later to stay with my eldest sister, and visit Harry Potter World! Yaaaaaay! See I told you I was a big kid.

So, let's use this week ahead to hunker down, and find out the little things that make our day a tiny bit brighter. Or slow down and take a look at the things which you didn't realise had happened at all but, actually turned your day around for the better.

Have a lovely week ahead. I'll catch up with you all soon.
Hannah. x

P.S. Check out this lovely blog I discovered while perusing Pinterest. I may not be able to understand the Finnish but, her pictures are truly beautiful. 

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