Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday Bliss: The New Year Edition

This week's edition of Wednesday Bliss is proving somewhat tricky to write. 24 hours ago I was feeling chipper and carefree. Then I woke up this morning and those January Blues slapped me square in the chops, and I've been reeling ever since. Which is why it is all the more important for me to write this post. It is important for us to appreciate the little things we have around us that make our day to day life so rich and wonderful. Which is why I shall be concentrating my efforts on only 3 ponits from now on. 3 small but oh-so important points, because it is these 3 little things that will be getting me through the next few days in hopes of kicking these January Blues' butt!

1. Slippers. Never under estimate the power of a good pair of slippers. These beauties above were a Christmas gift from my lovely husband, and they have barely left my feet since Christmas morning. Their sheep-skinny softness is perfect for our cold and draughty little flat, and from the second I walk in the door from work and kick off my boots, I know I am home. 

2. Reading. I've already got a pile of books ready on my bedside table just waiting for me to dive in, and I'm sure I will be adding even more to the list as the year goes on. There's nothing like a good novel to get lost in, or a captivating memoirs to inspire. It's certainly a nice distraction from this January weather too, getting swept away to Paris, or being whisked off to 1960's South Carolina. Oh the adventures I shall have just from a new paperback.

3. Photos. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to get more photos printed, and not to just leave them sitting in my online gallery or on my smartphone. I love flicking through old photo albums or visiting a friends house and seeing childhood photos all lined up along the hallway walls and this is one tradition that I intend to carry forward for years to come. It definitely helps to lift your mood too. There really is nothing like a good reminiscing session. 

That's it for now folks. 
See you all soon.
Hannah. x

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