Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday Bliss: 2015 Resolutions..

Hello, I am back...and I have to say feeling much more positive than I was last week. After several days of wallowing in self pity I have decided enough is enough. The January blues are still trying to keep on top of me but, I am fighting the good fight, and I will not let them ruin the rest of my month when there are resolutions to get underway.

Which is what I am here to share with you all today. There's nothing like a good list of goals and exciting things to achieve, to help kick us up the bum and give us a good dose of positvity. I've decided, this year, rather than cutting out certain things, I'm going to try and do more of something, for example...put my phone down more, and learn to switch off a bit. Or get out more, and take a walk around my local neighbourhood rather than staying stuck in the house on weekends.
So here's my list resolutions for 2015...

1. Use more cruelty free products. Let's face it, animal testing sucks! And it's quite scary how many brands still test on poor little bunnies, and puppies all in the name of a lovely smelling miracle face cream. So I figured, if I stick to my guns and try to use as many cruelty free products throughout our house, and maybe convince others to try it out too, and maybe save a few animals lives in the process too, then that's definitely a good thing.

2. Use my camera more. After many false starts, I've decided that this year will be the year I really learn to get to grips with my camera. It was a little indulgence for myself after our wedding, nothing too fancy with lots of settings, just something a bit more advanced than using my camera phone all the time. I'm really hoping to take things to the next level with this blog over the next year and I know that great photography will go hand in hand with that.

3. Make more clothes for myself. I've finally found my sewing mojo again, and it is back with avengence. Yippee!! After making my niece's dresses for my wedding last year, it definitely re-kindled that spark inside me which is my love for sewing garments from start to finish. It's so lovely and rewarding, going from paper pattern, to cutting out the cloth, through to actually wearing the garment. And this resolution is even more rewarding as it means I won't go spending money on clothes that last 5 minutes from high-street chains, and myself and the Mr can put a few more pennies away for our trip to Tuscany in the Summer.

So, what's everyone else got on their resolution list this year? Or is your resolution not to make any? I'm really nosy, so do share...

See you soon,
Hannah. x

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  1. Using more cruelty free products is one of my new years resolutions too! It's unbelievable how many brands still test on animals, hope your resolution is going well and I hope you've found yourself in LUSH xx