Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wednesday Bliss: Lists...

Well, we all know I love making lists. This regular feature is definitely evidence of that. But, I love making lists even more so at this time of year. Christmas lists, shopping lists, present will very rarely find a moment when I don't have a notebook and pen within close reach ready to join things down as they come to mind. Needless to say, this past week has full with lots of planning for the run up to Christmas, so let me share with you all what I've been planning, and what I'm thankful for.

1. Food. Not only the food I can put on our table on a daily basis but, all the lovely food that I know we will eat over Christmas. Week by week I've been putting little bits and pieces in our shopping trolley to put away for over the holidays. A couple of days ago, I rummaged through the back of the cupboards and in the bottom of Christmas shopping bags and was pleasantly surprised with how much I've actually managed to collect, and am more thankful than ever that we haven't broken the bank in the process.

2. Creativity. Ok, so I know I mentioned this in last weeks post but, I'm more thankful than ever for my creativity around Christmas time, as it means I can make unique gifts and wrappings for my friends and family, making the day all the more memorable. I'm already planning a Christmas crafting afternoon with my 4 year old niece next weekend, potato printing wrapping paper and decorating my mum's kitchen with homemade paper chains. This simple little things are what makes Christmas so special, and help to forge new traditions as well as re-vamp old ones too.

3. Small Businesses. As you all know, this is something I feel quite passionate about. They are the saviors of our high street. The days are fast disappearing and I still have a few presents left to buy so I'm scheduling in a pilgrimage to Cardiff Christmas Market on my day off next week with the intention of buying those last few gifts from the small independant retailers, and putting my money into the hands of the producers.

4. Family & Friends. I love planning things with my family and friends. Who doesn't?! But, this year it feels all the more special. For the first time in years I will have a proper break over Christmas, and have managed to fit in lots of lovely socialising time with my nearest and dearest. In my diary for the weeks ahead I've got a Christmas Tree Festival, a carol concert or two, a good old fashioned Christmas night out, a festive get-together with some of mine and the Mr's oldest and dearest friends...and who can forget the big day itself...

5. Christmas Day! Now, this is going to be a big one. Usually it's a quiet affair, just me and the Mr, my Mum & Dad, and my sister comes home from London but, this year it's set to be the stuff BBC sitcoms are made of. There'll be 11 of us in total, including in-laws and elderly neighbours too, and I can't wait. And keeping in with the tradition of big outrageous Christmas dinners, I even paid a visit to Hawkin's Bazaar for a few daft after dinner games too. This should be a goodun!

How are you all spending your Christmas this year? Will it be big and bold like mine, or more of an intimate affair? I'd love to hear what you've got planned.

See you soon,
Hannah. x

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  1. We're doing Christmas at our house for 8 (possibly 9) people; I've got the lists we used last time but I haven't yet got round to updating them for this year. I best get a move on really! :-) xx