Thursday, 27 November 2014

'Thursday' Bliss

Oops! So much for being a regular Wednesday feature, eh? But my 'Thursday' Bliss this week is filled with lots of inspiring, creative things. Just you wait and see...

1. New Beginnings. Last week I began my new job at a local small family run fabric store and I couldn't be happier. It's been strange adjusting to a new job and finding a new daily routine but, I feel so much happier and relaxed already. The Mr is much happier too, as we get to spend more time together and I'm not as sleepy when I walk in the door. Not to mention the fact that we'll get to fit in lots of family time over Christmas as I will no longer be in a shopping centre environment surronded by frazzled Christmas shoppers.

2. Feeling Creative. As you can see from the image above, my recent days off have been filled with much creativity and lots of exciting new projects. The other day, I spent an afternoon pattern cutting and it felt great. This was the first time I've done any kind of pattern cutting work since I graduated University 4 years ago! My creative brain is still whirring and buzzing, which is definitely helped by being surrounded by lovely creative folk everyday in work too, and fingers crossed, long may it continue.

3. Colder weather. Yes, it is finally here! My favourite type of weather is cold, crisp mornings with a bright wintery sun burning through. I love getting wrapped up every morning for the walk to work, stuffing my mittens in my pocket as I head out the door, and pulling my wooly hat tight down over my ears. And what's even more lovely is snuggling up on the sofa with the Mr in the evening, with hot mugs of tea, a blanket and a hot water bottle. (Our old flat is really that draughty.) I don't even mind, wrapping up in jumpers and snoods, and fixing frequent cups of tea to keep warm at home during my days off.

4. Cosy Cinema Date Nights. These are my favourite thing to do with the Mr. We are proper movie nerds, and have been known to attend several times a week. God Bless Cineworld Unlimited Cards! There's nothing quite like, snuggling up in our seats, with a bucket of popcorn clutched to my chest as we get lost in the latest blockbuster. And it's definitely the time of year for great movies too. On our to watch list at the moment we have... Hunger Games, Paddington, The Drop, The Hobbit, St Vincent, Black Sea and Exodus:Gods and name a few.

5. The countdown! Well, are you at all surprised that I've slipped something Christmas themed into this here blog post. Along with my dear friend Ms. Wall. I am an avid Christmas lover, and begin a discreet countdown in my head waaaay back in September when I begin the gather the first few gifts for my mahoosive family. Now, is the time for the real countdown to begin and thus, I have been making lists galore...planning food shopping, writing coming events on the Calendar, and doing little bits of  housework here and there to make sure the house stays spik and span over the festive season. Now, please don't mistaken me for one of those super hardcore Christmas lovers who puts their tree up in early-November but, I certainly do love all the preparations, if only to harness my excitement that little bit more once December 1st comes around.

There we have it. My weekly round up of "bliss". Is anyone getting excited for Christmas yet? Anyone?

See you soon,
Hannah. x

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