Monday, 10 November 2014

The Art of Writing Christmas Lists

Hello lovely readers...
The time has come. I am now in full on Christmas mode! The cookery shows are being set to record on my TiVo, the food lists are being stuck on the refrigerator and the Christmas Market is being assembled in Cardiff city centre. Eeep!
So what better time, to shift those Monday blues by starting to write your Christmas list. If you follow these simple steps (and are on the 'nice' list of course), then you're sure to get what you asked for.

Here goes...

List your wants & needs - Start off with two lists, wants & needs. Wants could be the more luxury items, or things you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself as they are too much of an indulgence to justify, like perfume or an designer lipstick. Needs, could be anything from a new pair of headphones to replace the ones you left on the bus, or a new pair of slippers so you can chuck that grotty old threadbare pair in the bin, finally.

Little & Large – Why not list a few small items too? That Revlon nail polish you spotted on your lunch break, or that ridiculously cute white Chocolate Snowman in the window of the German Deli, you know you couldn't justify buying for yourself. Or maybe even some posh chutney and pate sets you've seen in John Lewis that you're dying to try out when you next have friends over for dinner.

Don't be greedy! - Yes, we know you've been druelling over a Mulberry handbag for years but realistically, if you can't afford it yourself, is anyone in your family likely to be able to afford it too? If you've really got your heart set on something luxurious then why not suggest a couple of family members pooling their money together in order to get said item for you, so as not to break the bank in the process.

There's no shame in vouchers – I know some people often turn their noses up at receiving gift vouchers, thinking they are a bit of a cop out when you don't know what to get someone but in some circumstances they can be great. If you're a bit of a book worm and have a tonne of novels you want to get into, why not ask for book tokens? Or if you're a bit of a chocoholic like me but really can't justify buying your 18th chocolate penguin before December has even started then why not Hotel Chocolat, or Thorntons vouchers, then you can get your fix without feeling guilty (much!).

Dare to dream! – It's Christmas after all. You don't have to be sensible all the time. If you've always wanted to try your hand at a monster lego project, or complete a 2000 piece jigsaw, or fly a remote control helicopter in an open is your chance! Christmas is all about surprises, and imagine that feeling of being a kid again, opening your favourite toy and playing with it throughout the holidays. You're never too old to have that tearing off the paper and cheering “Oh my goodness! It's just what I wanted!” moment.

Now we've got the prep work out of the way...go forth and write Christmas Lists. Then all you need to do is find a nice fried with an open fire, who will let you leave your letter in their hearth for Father Christmas to collect. Eeek!

Can you tell I'm excited yet?

See you soon,
Hannah. x


  1. I've started feeling festive this week too! I think that sounds like a wonderful christmas list, the hotel chocolat idea sounds very sensible!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad you're feeling festive too. Hotel Chocolat is always a good idea, I think. :)
      What have you got on your Christmas list this year then?

      Hannah. x