Friday, 24 October 2014

Autumn Musings...

It's a miserable drizzly day here in Cardiff, and I'm huddled on the sofa with my second cup of coffee of the morning. This time of year always makes me feel particularly inspired, as it is brought to our attention the fascination of the seasons and how, even in a technology driven modern society, we are still ruled by mother nature and her ever changing temperament. The leaves have fallen from the trees in colourful mulchy piles of burnt yellow, and ochre, and rich reddy browns, piling up in the gutters right outside my front door. Just like that, Autumn is here.

Like a slow burning log fire, it has burst into life with sudden drops in temperature, and grey clouds looming over the city threatening with a downpour at any moment. Chilly foggy mornings, that burn through into mild sunny afternoons with thick coats being hastily discarded and slung over a bent elbow... these days are long gone. There's only drizzle and a slight chill on the air now, bringing with it the anticipation of frosty mornings, incredibly coloured sunrises and maybe even a little snow.

The winter duvet has finally been laid out on our bed, and piles of blankets are beginning to emerge on every available armchair in the house, ready for cosy evenings in our drafty little flat. Chunky bed socks and brushed cotton pyjamas toasting gently on luke warm radiators are a regular occurance too.

Even the city can be attractive in Autumn if you catch it on a good day. When the rain subsides for just a minute and the sun cuts through the clouds. The pavements are illuminated. Sunlight bouncing off of puddles, bringing everything to life, if only for a few seconds.

An Autumnal picnic is a must if you can catch the weather on a good day. My picnicing spot of choice is at our local open air museum, on the green infront of the Victorian shops. Sat at a rickety old picnic table, we un-pack flasks of tea or hot-chocolate and little tubs of stew which erupt with steam. These are all polished off in great hunger, and completed with warm Welsh cakes, gritty and sweet with their coating of sugar. Yum!

Hoods are pulled tight, and layers of knits and scarves adorned as the first thought of Christmas shopping begins to creep into my head. I wander in and out of the shops, collecting ideas and a few gifts here and there, to be squirelled away on top of the wardrobe, and ideas are quickly jotted down in my dog-eared notebook which takes up constant residence in my satchel these days. A pinafore for my 2 year old niece, some chilli chocolate for Dad, and a new pair of mittens for me, to replace the ones I bought last year which are now bobbled and moth eaten, scalding myself to take better care of my new ones.

Then just as the rain is about to descend again, and ruin our walk home through the park, we arrive at our front door. Rosy and warm from central heated shops and the in-car radiator, we discard our soggy boots at the doormat and traipse into the house in our socks. The pyjamas are ready and waiting for us to dive in before their warmth dissipates. The kitchen is filled with the billowing smell of lamb in the slow cooker. And before you can say “All Hallows Eve” we are settled. Curled on the sofa with blankets pulled over our laps and bowls of lamb and vegetables in our hands, a comforting film on the telly, I think to myself... Do not disturb until Spring!

*All these images have been taken from my Pinterest page. If you're looking for a bit more Autumn inspiration then why not take a look.*

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