Wednesday, 29 October 2014

5 Steps to Simple, Unrefined Bliss...

Happy Hump-Day everyone!! I know, I know, before you start moaning at me for jumping on the Christmas band wagon in October... Just hear me out. Take a look at my list below of 5 simple seasonal pleasures that I'm loving right now, helping me on my way to understanding the true meaning of simple, unrefined bliss...and I'm sure you'll all be feeling warm, fuzzy and festive in no time.

1. The clocks going back. Not only does this mean that I get yummy October sunlight filtering in through my bedroom window a little earlier than usual. It also means that the nights are starting to draw in, and by the time I arrive home from work I am in full on hibernation mode. The fairy lights in the kitchen go on, the Radio does too (The Archers at 7pm, anyone?) and I settle in for the night, splitting my time between the kitchen and the living room, which are the warmest rooms in our draughty little flat.

2. Warm spiced flavours. Cinnamon on my porridge, nutmeg on my latte, and ice cold ginger beer are my faves at the moment. Those smells just instantly transport you back to childhood Christmases, and I love every last waft of it. Not to mention cloves and clementine peel. Oh my goodness, I could get high on those smells like a cat on nip.

3. Candles. From plain unscented tealights that bring comfort and warmth to Christmassy smelling concoctions that make my living room smell like an apothecary. I cannot get enough of candles at this time of year. They're the perfect way to keep cosy and warm as the temperature outside drops, and such a simple low budget way to bring the homespun lifestyle to your home.

4. Lists. Well, I guess that's not much of a surprise, given the nature of this post. But lists are a brilliant way of getting all my ducks in a row, leaving me time to be creative and spend time with the Mr. I usually have several different types of lists on the go at any given moment, the standard magnetic pad which sits on the fridge for day to day (shopping lists, and the like), the Emma Bridgewater weekly planner pad (given to me as a wedding organisation tool but, I love it so much it's still going strong now) for writing down my shifts throughout the week and fitting in chores and blog posting around them, and my sticky note app on my mobile phone, for when an idea pops into my head and I simply must write it down before it dissappears again. I can be a bit of a butterfly brain, you see.

5. Christmas. Yes, I said it. The C-word! I am unashamedly one of those people that gets almost as excited about Christmas as a small child does, if not more-so. I start thinking of Christmas back at the end of September. Once my husband's birthday has been and gone, and the days start to get shorter, my mind starts to wander towards seasonal fare and Christmas list, and gifting for my family. I come from a big family so planning things in advance is a must, and I relish in every minute of it. A bag of chocolate coins here, a tub of candied peel there. Little by little, I begin to piece together our family Christmas so come December, I can truly enjoy all the festivities and not be found rocking back and fourth behind the kitchen table, traumatised because I forgot the cranberry sauce.

What are your favourite seasonal things, at the moment? Any that I haven't mentioned? Or something that is truly unique to you or where you live? I'd love to hear from you all.

Until next time,
Hannah. xx


  1. I have something that is truly unique to where I live and is pretty much why I love autumn - and that's Somerset's illuminated carnival season! I love it, the costumes, the make up, the thousands of light bulbs, the music, seeing friends and wrapping up warm all to donate money to charity and see an amazing spectacle - definitely my favourite time of the year! :-) xx

  2. That sounds amazing. I wish we had something like that round here! Definitely miss out on the whole community vibe when you're living in the suburbs of a big city. xx

  3. I love this post! You have literally mentioned all my favourite things about the autumn/winter period!
    Great blog :)

    Love Amara from Her Whimsical Dreams

    1. Thanks Amara! I'm so glad you like the blog. It's nice to find like-minded individuals who love Autumn/Winter as much as I do too. :)

      Hannah. x