Thursday, 30 January 2014

Operation: Wedding Preparation

As if by magic, my wedding mojo is back and it means business. I've got to say, I am loving every second of it, and hope it doesn't dissappear anytime soon. I think it might have something to do with the fiasco that was our wedding venue, which has now been resolved by us actually upping-sticks and going with a completely different reception venue. Talk about cutting it close, eh?
But all's well that ends well, and I am going full steam ahead with the wedding plans, and will plow down anyone who gets in my way and threatens to rain on my parade.

A friend once described me as a rebel traditionalist. Sometimes I like to do things by the book, and sometimes I like to do things my way and completely throw the rule book out the window.
So in rebellion against this obscure bridal trend which seems to be sweeping the nation, of keeping everything about your big day a is a photographic account of all the bits and pieces I have been collecting so far.

I know, ultimately the details and the layout of my big day will be a big surprise for everyone, because I am still yet to figure this out too but, I've got a few things that I know for certain and I am more than happy to share my excitement and inspiration with all you lovely folks that read my blog.

The devil is definitely in the detail with our wedding, and I have been collecting little bits and piece like a crazy person. Bits and pieces like French wine corks for place settings, old jam jars and crume brulee dishes to hold tealights for in the evening, wicker hearts to hang from door handles, and every available surface, and wooden fruit crates so kindly bestowed upon me by friend at the fruit and veg stall in Cardiff Market which I have been painting white. These will hold items such as confetti pouches, and our Orders of services, and whatever else needs to live in a wooden crate.

These larger jars will sit on our tables and again, any other surface I can cover, and will be filled with billowing blooms of hydrangeas and a whole load of other lovely French stylee flowers, maybe a bunch of lavender here, or a handful of rosemary there.

I am more than excited to make the dresses for my flowergirls using this Belle and Boo fabric. I've trawling the shops for months and became more and more disheartened by not being able to find something that was the perfect balance of quirky/original and girly, without being too twee.
So, the solution? Make them myself ofcourse. I will be doing a couple of calico toiles first to check the fit of the paper pattern is correct, as my poor little nieces may have inherited my short genes even from a young age so I don't want them to be swamped in fabric. No, sirree. The outfit will be finished off my dainty hair accessories, butterfly print tights, and flowers of course.

And last but not least, the invitations. Again, the devil is in the detail with these, and I have been collecting bits and pieces in a crazed stationery fueled addictive state practically since the Mr got down on one knee. Just ahead of making the flower girls' dresses, I think this is one of the things I am most excited about too. I know some people may be reading this and tearing their hair out that I am giving away so much about our wedding before I've even walked down the aisle, but there is one thing I am trying to keep under my hat, and that is the invitations. Here I go with the traditionalist stuff... I am a strong believer in the invitation being the first little taster that your guests have into what the big day will be like, so I'm trying to keep my excitement contained and not let the cat out the bag until these have all been sent out around Easter time. Sorry folks, but you're just gonna have to wait!

So onwards I go with the wedding preparations. I hope I haven't bored you too much already. I fear my friends may think I am turning into one of those boring people that can't talk about anything else apart from how amazing there wedding is going to be. So let's agree to talk about something else next time, eh? Maybe cake! Cake solves everything. Yes...I think we shall talk about cake.

See you soon dear readers.

Love Hannah. x


  1. Your post really took me back to January 2010 when I was getting ready for my own wedding in the September. It seemed like after Christmas I was wanting to steam ahead and get everything done. It's a fun time but I remember it having times when it was very stressful. It sounds like you have everything under control and lots of lovely ideas. I had very plain bridesmaids dresses - just ivory with a pink sash that matched the men's cravats and handkerchiefs. My 4 bridesmaids were aged between almost 2 and 8, so I wanted something simple that worked for all of them. I love your idea for their dresses - it's unique and will be lovely! x

    1. Thank you. :) That mix of pink and ivory sounds lovely. I'm going to try and match the girls' sashes to the boys ties but so long as they are all along the lines of pale blue then I don't mind. I'm quite easy going with some things but, then a complete control freak with others. Its a bit bizarre.
      I hope it all turns out ok. I need to get a wriggle on with the prep now. Lots of DIYs to get sorted.
      Han. xx

  2. I love seeing the planning that goes into a Wedding, so thanks for sharing the little details! Good luck with the Flowergirl dresses, that Belle and Boo fabric is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you. That's so sweet of you. I've got to say I am really enjoying the whole planning process immensely. :)
      Hannah. x