Tuesday, 3 September 2013

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake. Enough said!

Sometimes, Only Cake Will Do...

So it may appear on this ere blog, that I've been taking a longer than expected hiatus but, if you follow me on instagram you may have seen that things have been pretty hectic lately. In true Back to Work stylee, within 2 days of returning, it felt like I'd never been away and the pace certainly hasn't slowed down since.

So to save my sanity and my sugar cravings, I recently rustled up this delectable White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake one evening after work to take to my mum's the following day for a family gathering. And let me tell you, it went down a storm. This recipe comes courtesy of the lovely John Whaite, winner of Great British Bake Off 2013. Trust me, you HAVE to try this. Just as he describes, baking this cake is the ultimate stress buster. Melting the butter and white chocolate together completely fills the house with the most amazingly vanillery-buttery smell that will literally having you salivating as you wait for it in the oven. It's so easy to make, I managed to bust this out (minus the ganache) after returning home from work on a Saturday, gone 8pm and frazzled to the core.

Now, I'm not sure what the ettiquette is with posting other people's recipes online etc so, I'll simply link you to John's Facebook which is the exact same page I followed this recipe from.

Here's a couple of little tips though...
  • The ganache definitely takes a while to thicken. After a couple of hours, it was still at a thick runny stage. So once it had cooled completely, I covered the bowl with some cling film and popped it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I simply whipped up the ganache with a wooden spoon to loosen it a little before spreading it into the centre of the cake as directed. Voila!
  • Instead of using fresh raspberries, I managed to get away with using thawed frozen ones. (Perfect, if you fancy making this in the depth of winter without importing raspberries from Morocco.) They do start to ooze out a little juice though so I found adding a handful of flour from the measured amount and gently folding them in, ensured they were mixed into the batter evenly, without turning the whole cake pink.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go grab your pinny, whack the oven on, and be prepared to wow your nearest and dearest. This is one Show Stopper that will not have you bursting into tears with 5 minutes left on the clock! Yippee!

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  1. This looks fantastic, Hannah! I found John quite irritating on Bake-Off, but there's no denying that he did make some brilliant cakes.

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award btw--clicky!