Monday, 30 September 2013

The Reading Corner...

Throughout the whole of my life, wherever I have lived, I have always managed to find a quiet and secluded spot, solely made for the purpose of reading. In my bedroom as a child it was a corner of the floor, with a beanbag and a small white bookcase which housed all my favourites. Brambly Hedge, several Roald Dahl's and Charlotte's Web to mention but a few. In Uni, it was the bottom corner of my single bed in my halls of residence. The bed was boxed into the corner of the room by a large desk, and so I would stuff all my cushions and pillows into that little nook, prop myself up and get lost in the writings of post-modern theorists, fashion industry veterans and their musings on sub-cultures, and the odd retrospective of Vionnet or Chanel and the like.

Nowadays you can find me in the corner of my living room. Feet curled up underneath me in my bent-wood hand-me-down Ikea armchair pouring over the writings of Sophie Dahl, or taking Dianne Jacob's word as gospel while I plot my world domination, one recipe book at a time.

I think everyone should have at least one quiet spot to which they can escape, and lose themselves amongst the pages of some epic fantasy novel, or fall in love with a dashing Wall Street tycoon, or live their lifelong dreams through a fictitious heroine who dumped her boyfriend, took on her company executives, and won the lawsuit all while wearing designer shoes.

If you haven't got one yet. I whole heartedly encourage you to find yourself a reading nook and make it the comfiest place in your house, so it beckons you everyday for at least an hour to kick off your shoes, curl up, and switch your brain off as you mindlessly flick through page after page.

So here's some food for thought. A few of my favourite inspirational images I pinched from Pinterest to get your brain whirring.
If you like, head over to my Pinterest page, and take a look at the whole board I created.  

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