Friday, 20 September 2013

Autumn Anticipation...

Aaaah Autumn. How I have missed thee!

Waking up to cold shoulders and toes outside the duvet. Dew kissed cobwebs which suddenly seem to appear in every corner of the garden. Torrents of rain, followed closely by a blazingly warm sun, tricking you into shedding your coats and scarves before catching you unawares with another icy cold shower.

Why is it that when people try to think of their favourite season, they instantly feel the need to choose between Summer and Winter? For me, Autumn has got to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Closely followed by Spring ofcourse. It's those changeable months when you feel the earth let out a sigh of relief from an exhaustingly hot summer, and everything starts to slow down a little as mother nature begins to put herself to bed, and settle down into a cold cold winter.

I've also been letting out a similar sigh of relief lately. And I'm sure you've probably noticed that things have been particularly quiet around these parts as well as on my instagram. Y'know sometimes, things just get a bit too hectic and it forces you to slow down, take stock and appreciate the quiet time you may have inbetween the hum-drum day-to-day neccessities. After all, this is what I created this blog for, to help me appreciate the simpler things in life, and to learn to slow down and truly understand what a 'homespun' lifestyle is.
So, I bet you're wondering what I've been up to lately. Well, let me update you, shall I?
Here goes...

Mid-week days off have been spent jumping on the bus up to my parents' house. They live in a lovely little quiet village tucked just behind the crest of hill, away from all the nearby town noise, and let me tell's lovely. I pottered around the village. I went to visit the girls in the little hair salon (most of which I've known since I was knee-high to a grasshopper). And I wandered through the church yard inspecting the latest crop of blackberries, to assess their crumble capabilities. And they certainly didn't disappoint.

I came home that day, laiden down with blackberries. So much so, I had to freeze them in two batches. Lucky for me, the Mr isn't too fond of blackberries either, so I have been enjoying them on my porridge and in cakes for many days now.

Alas, the rain has struck with avengence. So out came the winter boots, to keep my feet dry on the way to work, along with my rain coat and cloche hat. I'm the kind of person that gets frustrated with toting an umbrella round all the time. I would much rather tuck my hair up into a hat and cower against the wind, than wrestle with spokes in my eyes any day.
I'm not sure if it's because I've been living in Wales so long that makes me used to the rain but, I don't seem to mind it so much any more. There's something quite comforting about putting the kettle on as soon as I get into the office, and watching it lash against my little shop window. Or even walking home, knowing there's a hot chocolate and my pyjamas waiting for me at the end.

The change in season also means a change in fashion. This means, 'good post days' are a-plenty at the moment. I love picking out knitwear, and little dresses to pair with wooly tights and boots. Being a February baby, I am definitely suited to the colder months. Not to mention catalogues filled with spongeware goodies courtesy of Ms Bridgewater. My Christmas list is going to be a good read this year.

And finally, I've begun testing out recipes for Christmas hampers. I think the ladies at the library think I must be crazy, checking out Christmas cookery books mid-September. But, when you work in retail during the festive period, everything needs to be planned out with military precision if you don't want to be left panicked and frazzled on Christmas Eve just as you're closing up shop, along with everyone else on your street.

And ofcourse, some baking for myself was needed as well. This particularly tasty batch of flapjacks was rustled up in ones PJ's (obviously) while still a little soggy from walking home in the rain. They were then hastily washed down with a bucket of tea, whilst watching an episode or two of Barefoot Contessa (my other guilty pleasure), and it was absolute bliss!

I hope you're all enjoying the changing Autumn months, and not fed up of the wind and rain just yet.
A couple more exciting things coming my way soon...

The winter duvet goes on the bed this weekend.
Myself and the Mr have booked a week off together, which begins on Monday.
And the heating goes on the week after.

Yay! Simple things, folks...simple things.  


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  1. LOVED this post so so very much!!! I am a new visitor to your beautiful little blog and whilst i have followed you for a while, i havent really got round to reading much of your blog until today and gaaaah i just love it so. I also work in retial - however you my dear a FAR more organised than i shall ever be!! I am trying this year though. And luckily i have ten days off now which i intend to sort of nail most of the xmas shopping and rest before it al goes mad at work. Oh and i should have probably started this by saying 'Hello' lol.

    Have a jolly lovely weekend xxxx