Sunday, 11 August 2013

Unplugged and Truly Homespun

Source (This illustration also lives permanently as my desktop background)

Today marks the first day of a well earned week off work. The first chunk of time (apart from standard days off) that I've had since February.

So, to appreciate it to the fullest and truly understand the meaning of a simple homespun lifestyle, I am going offline for the duration. No emails, no blogging, no instagram, no facebook.
I hope to fill my week with lots of cooking and crafting, diving feet first into a good book, and simply slobbing about doing not much else.
I've been particularly inspired by this video discovered on YouTube recently, and urge you to try it too.
Go on, buy yourself an alarm clock and flick your mobile off at night, or leave it to charge in another room. Put a film on, and truly watch the film. No checking Facebook in the ad-breaks. Turn the telly off, and read a book, in silence.

I'll be back in a few days, hopefully fully rested and full of inspiration.

Au Revoir.
Hannah. x

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