Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Home Comforts: Evening Baking

I find, that in some shape or form, we are all creatures of habit. Everyone has their own, quirky little, day-to-day routines and penchants that they keep to, which ultimately make them who they are, while also bringing them some form of comfort.

For my Mr it's a stack of biscuits (atleast 3) with a cup of tea, at approximately 9pm in the evening. I think this is his equivalent to milk & cookies before bedtime. For my Best Friend, a glass of wine cannot be consumed without a freshly lit cigarette clamped between her fingers. (Each to their own I suppose).
And for me, if I'm baking beyond a certain point in the evening, then it must be done in my pyjamas. Don't ask me why. It's just one of those things.

So recently, after a particularly rough and tiring day in work, there was only one thing I had on my mind. Baking!
I didn't even walk in the door until gone 9pm. However, no matter what the time was, I would make a bee-line for the kitchen, flick on the oven and then proceed to change into my pj's.
Now, don't get me wrong. Now is not the time for perfecting my latest venture into the world of croissants. Nor is it the time for endless kneading of cinnamon rolls. Evening baking is all about quick, easy and mindless. Some gentle stirring of cake batter, in a mixing bowl lodged under your arm. Or even the simple act of melting butter and golden syrup, and adding to oats. Flapjacks are always a favourite evening bake in this household. And there is certainly no shame in picking up a ready made cake mix from the supermarket on the way home, only to add milk and eggs when you get in. If it helps me unwind then, who cares?!

 On this particular evening, my recipe of choice was “Auntie M's Chocolate Fudge Cake”. Now this is no ordinary chocolate cake. It's not the squidgy-gooey kind that would make even Bruce Bogtrotter druel. It's a dense... almost brownie dense... mixture, if but a little drier. And goes perfectly with a cup of tea. This has been a long-standing favourite in the quick & easy baking department within my family, so much so that I can rustle up a mixture in no less than 15minutes flat. And have enough time to consume an oven warm slice or two before bedtime. (Remembering to brush my teeth after, ofcourse).
And if you're hankering for me the divulge the recipe then, I'm sorry to admit that this one in particular must stay under wraps. It's a long-kept family secret! Maybe I'll let you in on it, in the future.

Now, I understand that, to some, this may seem like a bit of a bizarre habit, maybe even self-indulgent. But, after a hard day in work, if we can't offer ourselves a little 'me time' then, when can we do it? I'm a firm believer in celebrating these little quirks, and complex genetic make-ups that essentially makes us...well...Us! And I bet you've got a story or two to tell me, about some of your strange habits.

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