Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Elderflower Cordial: Summer in a Bottle

My list of favourite things about summer include...

British Strawberries being in season.
Being able to eat outside.
Putting the summer duvet on the bed.
Longer evenings.
Fresh fish, home-made chips and peas from the garden.

And... Elderflower Cordial.

Whilst growing up, I was constantly surrounded by countryside in some shape or form. We were never really city dwellers. So it wasn't uncommon to hear myself or my sister shriek from the back seat of the car, as we drove down a country lane... “Look Dad! Elderflower!”

Although we learned quite quickly, not to pick the stuff right next the road. You always needed to go a few metres further into the field, or down the overgrown lane a little more so you could find the blooms with slightly larger heads and fresher looking flowers which hadn't been stunted by passing exhaust fumes.

Whilst recently visiting my parents house, all these memories came flooding back to me. As I wandered in the back door of the kitchen, I was hit with the heady citrus-floral scent of 'brewing' Elderflower cordial sitting in a huge preserving pan on the counter. I instantly lifted the tea towel that covered it, and stuck my head right in close, breathing in the smell of summer. Yum!

My preferred method of drinking this summertime nectar is simply with water (still or sparkling), ice and a slice of lemon. Or for a little evening tipple, I like to add a dash to a glass of sparkling white wine, or prosecco with a raspberry or blackberry thrown in for good measure. I got that cheeky little idea from Bill's in Cardiff. Thanks!

Excuse me, while I go rummage for some ice. All this talk of Elderflower is making me thirsty!


  1. Homemade elderflower cordial is amazing! I bought a bottle at a fete ages ago and it was so much better than shop-bought. I've yet to make my own, though. I think I know what the plant looks like, but I'm not 100%, so I haven't tried lest I poison the household!

    Have you tried the cordial drizzled over vanilla ice-cream? Lush!

    1. I know. Isn't it just. I love that you have to shake homemade cordial, coz you get a lil bit of sediment in the bottom. That's how you KNOW it's homemade. Never tried it on ice-cream though. That sounds luscious! Definitely gonna try that sometime. Thanks for the tip! :)
      Hope you're enjoying the blog.
      Han. xxxxxxx

    2. Loving the blog! :) Feel free to pop over to mine for a browse.

      I just had a slight brainwave, which I may try out at the next school coffee morning... drizzle warmed neat cordial over a lemon drizzle cake in lieu of the sugar/juice mixture. You wouldn't get the crusty top (but I never get that anyway), but the flavours would go really well!

    3. Cor! That sounds scrumptious. The flavours would go perfectly together.