Friday, 26 July 2013

Confessions of a Bookworm

I have a confession to make... albeit a strange one but, a confession nonetheless.

I have never read a chick lit novel before. Not one. Never. Nope!

Now don't get me wrong, I like to think of myself as quite bookish. So much so that the bookshelf in our living room is now groaning under the strain, and myself and the Mr are having to seek other storage solutions for our ever growing stack of reads which seem to spill around the house.
But yes, I have never read a 'chick lit' novel. Not even a saucy Danielle Steel on a girls holiday, or a Christmassy Trisha Ashley when the nights start drawing in.
My daily reads, comfort reads, and foodie reads.

I was the kind of child brought up on Roald Dahl, EB White, JK Rowling and Louisa May Alcott. Classics, if you ask me!
And then, as I grew older, I branched out into Jacqueline Wilson and Jane Austen.
I guess you could say, my reading options were safe bets. I tend to go for the kind of stuff that I know I will like, such as, the book of a favourite film. Which is how I discovered Joanne Harris and Kathryn Stockett. Or the memoirs of a favourite chef a la Nigel Slater's Toast, and Eating for England. Or close likenesses to things I have already read i.e. PD James writing in the style of Jane Austen in “Death comes to Pemberley” or Peter Mayle, and his descriptions of life in Provence transport me to a world of boules, and pastis just like Joanne Harris can do.

I guess I'm also a bit tight with my money too. I don't like forking out money for a book I'm not so sure on. If someone (usually my mum) hands me a book and says, “You HAVE to read this! You'll love it” I usually look at them through sceptical eyes, and think “Pfft! How do you know?”

My little stack for the summer.

However, on a recent browse around the local charity shops I came across two titles which had been sticking in my mind, ever since I saw them popping up various Instagram feeds over the past few months. The first being “Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe” by Jenny Colgan, and the second “Brown Owls Guide to Life” by Kate Harrison. And at £1.50 each, how could I refuse. As a result I've decided to start my summer reading list. Somewhat a little late but, atleast I'm making the effort, hey? To go with the first two novels, I will also be attempting the romantic gettaway that is “The Villa” by Rosanna Ley and also, another foodie novel thrown in for good measure called “Summer School” by Domenica de Rosa.

Cake and books? What more do you want?!  

And so, to kick off my summer of reading and discovering chick-lit, I think I shall start with “Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe”. This could be fatal. Even from reading the blurb, I don't think it will do anything to help dampen my dream of, one day, owning my own bakery.
I'll see you on the other side folks.

Now, if anyone has got any other recommendations for nice fluffy chick-lit for novices then please, send them my way.  


  1. We both grew up on the same sorts of books. I do read a fair amount of sci-fi and crime novels these days as well as occasionally dipping into childhood favourites.

    I'm not a chicklit reader either--never really appealed to me--but "Meet me at the cupcake cafe" is a tempting looking book. I do love cupcakes. Let us know how it is!

    (BTW, this may just be me...but I'm really struggling to decipher the comment captcha...)

    1. Classics, aren't they? Just on my last chapter of 'A year in Provence' then I'm gonna start on Cupcake Cafe. Quite excited. Read a cheeky couple of pages last night but tried to remain restrained. So far so good.

      Sorry about the captcha. I'll see if there's anything I can do to change it.
      Leave it with me.
      Han. xxxxx

    2. I haven't read 'A Year in Provence' in, well, years. My favourite travel/relocation book is 'Under the Tuscan Sun' (but not the dreadful film version). A Tuscan farm holiday is still on my bucket list!

      The captcha is now gone--bless you!! I'm slightly visually impaired and even my husband who has the eyes of a hawk struggles with the damn things.

    3. You're more than welcome. To be honest, I'd completely forgotten I'd put it on there. I know others with blogs who get by perfectly fine without having to put a captcha on their comments. :)

      A Tuscan Farm holiday is definitely on my bucket list too. Hopefully will be going to a wedding in Italy in the not too distant future. Yay!